The power of desire

One of the reasons why I love quoting Thomas Edison is because he is one of those people whose desire to succeed triumphed over all temporary setbacks. He wanted to achieve his goal so much so that he failed 1000 times but still pushed through.

This brings me to the subject of “desire”. Most times we are tempted to equate desire to “want” or “wish” but that just lessens the power that this word holds. A desire is obsessive , you just have to get this thing no matter what. It is a longing that one wishes to be satisfied. Without Desire you cannot pursue your dreams and yet still win in the end.

As Napoleon Hill says “Desire is the starting point of all achievement,not a hope, not a wish, but a keen pulsating desire which transcends everything”.

A desire is an unstoppable urge to make your dreams into reality. Take Thomas Edison for example he desired to be an inventor that even after failing over 1000 times he kept pushing until he got what he wanted. This is what separates the successful from those who aren’t , the accomplished and the Unaccomplished, the burning desire to succeed. When you have a desire you do not look back , you do everything to achieve your goal. People with a burning desire will stake just anything for their future success.

There once was a king who took an army to go to war with a certain Island. When he arrived on the Island he ordered their boats to be burned. He gave them no choice but to win the war else they’d perish. This is how a burning desire works. It is a must that you pursue your goals no matter the cost and no matter how long it takes to get there. Your life depends on it, your future depends on it. You need to give yourself no choice but to succeed by burning all your sources of retreat. Burn that boat that is supposed to take you to safety.

A safe place is a very dangerous place to be because you get used to it. It is easy to be lazy ,hell you only have to sit your ass down all day. It is easy not to try anything new, you only have to do the same thing you have been doing all these years that has left you as you were years before.

The Pursuit of success is a very uncomfortable situation. This is because it involves hard work. We are so used to being in our comfort zone that we create resistance towards anything unfamiliar. Here is where we need our burning desire.

Everytime laziness kicks in you will be reminded that you have to keep working or perish like those soldiers. They knew that they had no way out except in Winning the war and guess what they definitely won. Nothing beats anyone with the burning desire to succeed!!!

How bad do you want your dream to come true? Most of us are the 99% of this world who leave our life to the so called fate. We let the world dictate where we end up. No wonder we haven’t done anything extraordinary that the world is talking about.

Napoleon Hill, Oprah Winfrey, Steve Harvey, Thomas Edison (the 1%) all had burning desires that dictated every move that they made and that is why they succeeded. Most of them were not born from rich families, they never had rich uncle’s and aunties to support them. Steve Harvey slept in his car for years, lost his family because he couldn’t support them. Oprah run away from home after being sexually abused. They never had it all but their burning desires left them to work for it until they succeeded. Am talking about DESIRE and not wishful thinking. Anybody can say that they want something but that doesn’t mean they are all going to get it. The secret is the amount of power that backs your wish.

How bad do you want it? Have that mentality where, when you start something you burn old bridges so that you don’t look back when things get hard. Success is for people who desire to be successful. Every journey has hurdles but that should not be the reason that you give up on your dreams.

When you have the burning desire to achieve something the how works itself out.

If you’re doing this because you feel like you have a burning desire to do it, then you’ll find a way to do it, no matter what. If you’re doing this because you’re thinking, hey, this will be really cool, I’ll be famous, i’ll be on YouTube ; you’ll probably quit, because it is not easy to do for the Long haul. Trisha Yearwood

Infact i couldn’t have said it better🙌. It is so hard to push through with something you are not committed to. You’re desire is what will keep you going in the long run when things look hard and despair kicks in. It will say to you “nuh uh, this is what you wanted, this is what you needed so now more than ever you should stick to it!”

When you want something that bad that you imagine yourself having it, you engage yourself in suggestive self talk that impresses upon your subconscious mind, things just start working according to what you want. I have experienced this several times and I only get it now because I’ve only started to understand the power of my mind.

Now this doesn’t mean you get a free pass on hard work, nah uh. You still gotta do the work, perfect your skill so that when the opportunities come your way you’ll use them like a pro(give them the performance of their life!).

You’ve got to want it that bad and guess what? Your burning desire will get you to places where you’ve always wanted to be. You have to keep working towards the achievement of your goals. You’ve got to strengthen your desire such that whatever the hardship you keep on fighting.

Remember that what the mind can conceive you can achieve (you can materialize).

Comment down below if you found this article helpful and yeah, let’s keep the conversation going.

Believe in yourself you can do anything

One of the reasons why we fail to succeed as people is because we do not believe in ourselves. We are constantly telling ourselves that, “oh I can’t do that”, “well it looks too hard for me”.

Of course you will fail with that kind of mentality. Like attracts like. If you think you can do it then you really can.

Success begins with you believing in yourself. Our self concept (what we think about ourselves) becomes the defining factor of what we can or cannot do. If you think you can do it your right, you can and the same goes if you think you can’t do it, your right too.

This is why we should really be careful of our thoughts especially about ourselves. When you tell yourself that you can’t do something your subconscious mind accepts this and then instructs your body language to act accordingly. So because you think you can’t do it you end up not trying at all because your afraid you will fail.

It is this self limiting belief that keeps us from reaching our utmost potential. A lot of the things we believe of ourselves come from suggestions from others. It might be that as a kid you were made to believe that you weren’t smart. I’ve heard a mother say “He loves school but he’s just not intelligent”. If you grow up believing in these things it’s no wonder you think you cannot succeed in doing whatever you set out to do.

Listen, what’s done is done. A lot of people have looked down on you, told you you were worthless and in turn you’ve come to believe them. Without knowing it these thoughts have been determining how far your going to go in life. Your actions have mirrored your self limiting thoughts for so long that you have accepted it to be normal.

Well it’s not normal and you need to do something about it fast. You’ve got to believe in yourself and in what you can do. You are special and endowed with so much capabilities and trust me you can accomplish whatever you set your mind on.

So you must be thinking, how do I break away from these self limiting thoughts? It’s easy, engage in positive self dialogue. See yourself in your minds eye as the person you’ve always wanted to be. For instance picture Oprah Winfrey, she’s smart, she’s successful, she’s beautiful, popular and people love her. Now begin saying this to yourself , “I am smart”, I can accomplish anything I set my mind on”, “I deserve the best”, “I deserve to be successful”. Come up with a Mantra that gives a perfect picture of who you want to become.

It will take time but if you stick to this you will find that you believe in yourself more and more. This will then translate to you accomplishing your goals and living your best life.

Remember that you can because you think you can. Your thoughts shape your reality and it is up to you to choose to believe in yourself . In so doing you will become what you set out to be it all starts with you.

You are special, you deserve better, you have unlimited potential, you are capable of achieving anything, you are confident, you love yourself and you are a good person. Believe this and more about yourself and you shall have a more fulfilling and successful life.

Whenever those limiting thoughts try to creep into your mind say to yourself “I can do this”.You might not believe it at first but when you say it to yourself several times your subconscious mind accepts this fact and before you know it you begin to feel it in your bones “I can do this!”.

Believe in your self! Reach for the moon! You can do it!

When things get hard remember Why you are doing it

There are times when I hit rock bottom, that I can’t keep on working, I’ve run out of inspiration to keep on doing what I do. How do you keep going when you no longer have the inspiration to do so?

There was a time, a few days to my end of semester exams, whereby each night I went to bed exhausted from all that studying and I woke up every morning already feeling overwhelmed by the amount of work I was supposed to do in the course of the day. This is a very common feeling for alot of people who are trying to get any type of project done. This is a point where alot of people give up because things get hard. Doing the work becomes difficult.

Whenever I am faced with such a situation, I ask myself, “Why are you doing this”. Why do you have to spend so much time preparing for an exam? Why do you have to spare time to write your articles? Why are you reading all these self help books? The answer to these questions is what kick starts my drive to get the job done.

I am studying this hard because I know that education will open doors for me, give me opportunities that only when am educated can I enjoy them. I have to write articles because I have to keep my blog running so that alot of people can benefit from what I have to share. On top of that it means I get to write and that means alot to me. I read all those books because I believe in learning and in improving. I believe that each book I read offers insights that put me closer to the person that I want to become.

Once I have laid out to myself why am doing whatever am doing, it becomes easier to move forward. This is because I know that getting the work done is important and that I have everything to gain if I do so.

So when you’re stuck, lacking inspiration, running out of creativity and procrastinating remember why you’re doing whatever it is that your doing. Things get easier from then on.

“When your why is big enough you will find your how.” Les Brown

When your reason for doing what you do is big enough you’ll always find a way through the hurdles, a way to make it work.

Don’t compare yourself with others

“Don’t compare yourself with anyone in this world, if you do so, you are insulting yourself.” Bill Gates

Many times we are tempted to measure the extent of our success against that of others. You look at other people and think “wow he’s good I wish I did that” and “oh if he’s there by now that means I Ain’t doing much”.

Listen to me, stop it! Don’t fall into that trap because that’s just what it is , a trap.

Here’s why you shouldn’t measure your success against that of others:

1. You are taking different paths You know where you want to be in future as well as what you have to do to get there. No matter how similar our dreams might be but our paths shall always differ. Your path might take you years to succeed whilst another’s might take just months. It doesn’t mean that you’ve failed , it just means your time will come later on. We don’t walk the same paths so don’t fall into the trap of belittling yourself or others because your success didn’t come at the same time with others.

2. We have different dreams/ destinations

Our destinations are so very different. When I say I’ve made it it must be that I’ve written books, I am a motivational speaker, an entrepreneur and a graduate. For someone else it might be that they graduate and get a stable job and live a comfortable life.

It is what it is. We aspire for different things. Your success is not tied to anybody else’s. The point being that you are unique, one of a kind, special! So if you sit down and compare yourself with others you are not doing yourself justice.

Measure yourself against yourself not others.

For example you got a fifty in Math and your friend got a 90. Remember how this is your first time ever getting such a grade because previously you’ve been getting bad grades. I say be grateful. In your own light you’ve done well because you have improved. Your friend with the 90 gets Math, he’s been scoring well since I don’t know when and guess what, all he wants to do after finishing school is to be an accountant. By comparing yourself with this one, you are being unfair to yourself.

So yes, other people might do better than me but as long as I know that I am doing better than I did yesterday I am content! I’ll never compare myself with anybody else I am me and where I end up is totally different from where you end up.

If someone is doing great in life , congratulate them , be Happy for them but don’t you dare compare yourself to them. Your strengths are different so are your weaknesses. Remember this, you are enough, stick to your purpose stick to your dreams and your break in life will eventually come.

The problem of trying to be someone else is that when things go well for them you will resent them forgetting that that’s what they are good at and if only you stuck to your dreams you would be great too. There is that one thing that your skill, personality and strengths permit you to be great at. Stick to that and don’t fall in the trap of comparing yourself to others, you’ll only get discouraged which will lead to you derailing from what you are made for.

Do not insult yourself, don’t fall into the trap, Know your worth because when you do you won’t have to compare yourself with anybody else.

Why I decided to venture into the self development field

I believe that everybody needs somebody to tell them that they are capable to do anything they set their minds on.

As a kid I was really slow in school, I was shy and lacked confidence. I kept to myself all the time and if I didn’t understand something in class I’d never ask for the teacher to clarify. I thought that everyone was better than I was.

The thing is I didn’t really believe in myself and it took someone to believe in me first before I could follow suit. My mother, she was the first one to believe that with effort and being tutored after school I could do great. Every day after school she’d make me do my homework and study and during holidays she’d Find a tutor for me.

Sometimes all we need to believe in our potential is for someone to believe in us first. As my mum was there to encourage me, I want to do the same for someone else. I want to be the voice that nudges someone to keep going to keep working and telling them that they can do it.

Growing up I wasn’t made to believe that I was naturally intelligent. Exhibit A, my mom always reminded me that I could only do well with effort. Exhibit B, I had a cousin who my mum said was very intelligent naturally unlike me because my grades only came from my hard work.

Don’t get me wrong I love my mum and I’ve never taken her words the wrong way. What she said always kept me going because I knew that if I didn’t do the work I’d not get what I wanted. I learned to depend on hard work and not on natural intelligence.

I like to think of myself as driven. I am driven by my desire to be successful and to accomplish my dreams. This is why when I saw my other cousin reading a book titled “Think and grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill I knew I had to read it too. By then I had already taken an inkling to reading, only that I hadn’t discovered self help books yet. Little did I know that this would be the beginning of my interest in the self help/development field.

This book taught me that my thoughts are very important and are a force that can either attract abundance or poverty in my life. I just knew that there were a lot of people out there like Napoleon Hill who had devoted their lives to help others attain their full potential and I just wanted more.

Like these books helped me to discover my full potential, I also want to be there for someone who thinks they are worthless and that they cannot accomplish anything. We all need a push, something that will help us to keep going, to keep striving until we’ve gotten whatever we want in life. I want to be the one that gives people that push.

I believe that I am a work in progress and that if there is anything I can learn on how to become better today than I was yesterday I’ll gladly accept it. That is why am always looking for ways to better myself, I learn from people who have been where I am and who succeeded beyond reasonable doubt. I do not have all the knowledge when it comes to self development but am learning everyday and that is all that matters.

It is not enough to Dream

In the very first post that I published on this blog I talked about the importance of having dreams and setting goals . As far as that is essential it is not enough. It is not enough to just say that I wanna be an artist, what are you doing about it?

Anybody can say that they want to be a somebody but not everybody ends up being that. What differentiates the successful and those who aren’t is that the former worked to achieve their dreams whilst the latter sat down and dreamed and dreamed and in the end they ended up the same as they were years before “Unaccomplished”.

“A vision without execution is hallucination” Thomas Edison

It’s like day dreaming that you were rich and life drops you back to reality and you are the same unemployed broke.

Do not just sit down and dream hoping a job will fall like Manna from heaven, no, it doesn’t work like that. If you want to accomplish anything in your life you’ve gotta work for it. having dreams should be followed by working towards their achievement.

Setting goals and identifying ones dreams is just the first step to an ongoing process. Once you have a picture of what you want your future to look like the next step is to work towards that future.

This means you’ve got to wake up and write those essays, compose those songs, read your school work, work on those art pieces…. Just start doing the work. Don’t wait for the perfect moment when you have the all the tools , no. Start with what you’ve got! Start with what you have at your disposal and make it work now and the rest will find you while you’ve already started.

As Napoleon Hill says and I quote “Don’t wait. The time will never be just right, start where you stand and work with whatever tools you may have at your command and Better tools will be found as you go.”

You can’t call yourself an artist if you’ve never recorded a song neither can you call yourself a poet when you’ve never written a single poem. So whoever you are and whatever tools you have at your disposal my advice is that you start doing the work now and as people start recognizing your potential they will definitely lend you a helping hand.

The same goes for when you get an idea. It is not enough to just write it down and to think about it you also have to use it. For as Thomas Edison says , “the value of an idea lies in the using of it.” So when you get an idea use it and if you fail you’ve found one way that the idea doesn’t work. Keep working, Don’t give up until you’ve found the one way that your idea bears the necessary fruits, but that’s a story for another day.

Remember; it is not enough to have a dream, you also have to work towards achieving it. Of course all my words will mean nothing if you don’t take action, so start now!!

Am not here to paint that perfect picture. You will face a lot of adversity, people will have no faith in what your doing and you’ll start aLone. All in all remember to never give up on your dreams. You don’t want to be the one who gives up just when things were about to get better. I know a story of someone who stopped digging 1 feat from the gold. He gave up just when the breakthrough was around the corner. Be different. Be persistent.

Finish what you started: How to stop procrastinating

I have pushed off writing another blog post for a few days now. Each day I tell myself that I will do it the next day and that “oh it helps to have a break”, but really am just making excuses so I don’t get to do the work. Procrastination is a problem that plagues even the best of us. Waiting to study a day before the exam, writing a paper in one night just to submit it the next day, preparing for a presentation at work at the last minute and I could go on and on showing how we push things off until the last minute.

You see, our mind likes to be in a state of comfort where our daily routines are not disturbed by things like papers to be submitted. This is why when the time comes to do the work our mind starts looking for excuses like “go to bed you are tired” or “you’ll do it later just relax now, the due date is a month from now” it murmurs. Unfortunately time flies and we continue making excuses until we don’t have enough time to do the work. I don’t know about you but I have never liked working under pressure. Working under pressure makes you make silly mistakes and the lesser time you have to spend on your work the more you are likely to come up with substandard work and worse still be unable to finish your task.

As Mel Robbins says the reason that we procrastinate has nothing to do with the work itself but with the fact that we have developed a habit of procrastination. Remember how you thought an essay was so hard before you started writing it but once you started writing it you started getting ideas on how to perfect it. It is not the work that is keeping you from finishing what you started; it is the habit of procrastinating that is messing things up. It is possible to start something and finish it on schedule the only thing that you have to do is find ways that will help you to get rid of this habit of procrastinating.

As I was saying a lot of us procrastinate and most times we face the consequences. Remember blowing off all your semester Partying, hanging out with friends, and missing classes for whatever reason just to realize that it’s a week to your final exams and you have a lot of things to read. That’s when a lot of us cram and fidget and the pressure mounts up on us and in the end we fail or we get average marks. You want to be productive but one thing is getting on the way of that which is procrastination, so how do you get rid of it?

Well here’s how, “Just start doing the work”. Do not wait for the perfect time or wait to think on how it’s hard. Perfectionism is another cause of procrastination. The feeling of waiting for all conditions to be perfect until then is when you can do the work. Guess what, the world is not a perfect place and perfect conditions are unattainable and unrealistic. The trick is that there is no trick, take your laptop open that document and start writing. I did that today and guess what happened; once I started I couldn’t stop until I was sure that my article was finished. Once you have started working most of you won’t stop until your task for the day is completed.

For your sake and mine I will also give some tips that you can use to minimize or stop Procrastination. First of all figure out what the cause of your procrastination is. DO you think the work is hard, are you a perfectionist or is it just a habit that you have developed? Embrace this cause and know that the work looks hard before you start doing it, do not wait for the conditions to be perfect and finally develop a habit of doing your work as scheduled.

This brings us to our next tip which is creating a to-do-list. When you wake up in the morning come up with a list of things that you have to accomplish by the end of the day. For example my to do list would be;

  • Do my chores
  • Come up with a short story idea
  • Write a blog post
  • Catch up on my reading (fiction)
A to-do list helps with keeping you accountable. At the end of the day you cross out the things that you have done and make sure that all is done before you get to bed.

You can also incorporate rewards to the accomplishment of each task. For example if I finish doing my chores then I’ll reward myself by being on social media chilling with friend or if I finish writing my blog post then I can read the novel am currently on. Rewards act as a way to motivate us into doing the work.

Thirdly, you could use the pomadoro technique. Work for 25 minutes and take a five minute break doing something you love. It is important to find the time slot that works for you. It might not be 25 minutes but 30muntes with a 10 minute break. Working in chunks helps you finish a task in the allotted time and it is good for your focus.

Another technique is to do whatever you dread the most first. Start with the tasks that you think are hard first and then finish with the easy ones. Count backwards from 5-4-3-2-1 and start doing the work. Sometimes we don’t necessary get motivation to do something we just do it because we know that it is important that it gets done.

Finally you can schedule the things that you want to do. At 5 am I wake up and write and at 7am I go and do my chores. Like that you allocate time to each task that you are supposed to accomplish by the end of the day.

I hope that this blog post was helpful and that you will be saying goodbye to procrastination and hello to getting things done in no time. Remember to comment down below and share with me the tips that you use to deal with procrastination and the ones that you think will work for you form this article. There is no easy way to finish what you started and get rid of procrastination but you can create a routine of doing things where by the end of the day you end up doing the work.

How to stop worrying and start living

Have you ever been told that you worry too much and deep down you know that you do? I worry that my posts may not get as many views as I’d want them to get. Your worries may be about entirely different things. You see, most of the things that we fear do not end up happening. No matter what the reason for your worry might be, too much of it is unhealthy. This is because worrying is tied to anxiety such that the more we worry the more anxious we become.

It is in worrying that we spend too much time in our heads getting anxious because of our problems. It is by doing so that we are robbed of the joys of experiencing the beauty of the present. In addition to that worry robs us of our peace of mind. The more we contemplate on our problems the more they seem bigger than they really are.
In Dale Carnegie’s book “How to stop worrying and start living”, he features doctors who talk about the ills that worry causes. One of which is Dr Gober who says and I quote “Worry makes you tense and nervous and affects the nerves of your stomach and actually changes the gastric juices of your stomach from normal to abnormal and often leads to stomach ulcers”.

If worry is tied to so many negative consequences then why do we still worry?

We worry because the future is uncertain so much so that we make sure that it turns out good, even though there are a lot of things we cannot control and there is a possibility that things don’t turn out as we wanted. So we sit down and go through scenarios in our head where things turn out good and some where the worst happens and therefore feeding our worry.

How can we stop worrying?

One sure way of doing so is by living in the present or as Sir Osier calls it “living in day tight compartments”. In his book Dale Carnegie speaks of one sir William Osier who found a way to get rid of worry and your guess is good as mine it was to live in the present. In 1871 he was a medical student at Montreal General hospital and he was worried about passing the final examination, worried about what to do, where to go , how to build a practice and how to make a living. He read 21 words from Thomas Carlyle that helped him lead a life free from worry. These words go like; “Our main business is not to see what lies dimly at a distance, but to do what lies clearly at hand.”

Living in day tight compartments entails that one shuts off the dead past, shut off the future and live in the present. Take each day one step at a time, live one day at a time and as Horace said “tomorrow do thy worst for I have lived today.” This is encouraging us to live in the present and to enjoy the thing that today has to offer. Do not worry about your past or about your future, seize the day and make the most of it. You will find that living in day tight compartments will lead to living a worry free life.

Another way to combat worry is the Willis H. Carrier formula which is also featured in “How to stop worrying and start living” by Dale Carnegie. It goes in the following 3 steps:

  • Ask yourself; “what is the worst that can possibly happen?”
  • Prepare to accept it if you have to
  • Then calmly proceed to improve on the worst
  • Worry comes because we are afraid of what might be the consequences of our misfortune. Next time you find yourself in any kind of misfortune remember the Willis H. Carrier formula instead of succumbing to worry. Be rational and realize that constantly worrying about something will not help you, it will only get you sick. So instead of worrying stay calm, gain perspective and look for ways to improve on the worst.

    Worry cannot be totally eliminated but with practice we can consciously divert our minds from worrying to living in the present and having productive thoughts. Letting go of our illusions of control and accepting our relative powerlessness over life and death can be liberating. There are so many things that happen that we have no control over, the sooner that we come to terms with this the better for us.

    What helpful books have you read recently?

    I wish this question was asking, what books have you read recently? Then I would have to tell you about JK Rowling’s book, Drumroll please……. Harry Potter and the half-blood prince! I bet you knew that but you didn’t know which one it was, haaa! Don’t get me wrong reading JK Rowling’s book as a writer is helpful. I get to experience storytelling at its best. Not to mention all the lessons I find valuable such as love, friendship, bravery and loyalty. Enough with the fiction though let’s get to the issue at hand.

    The helpful part gets me rethinking the whole thing. Naturally i am a fan of self-help books, I bet you didn’t know that, or you did, but that’s beside the point. Recently i came across a book that got me bedazzled like literary. The 5 second rule: Transform Your Life, Work and confidence with Everyday Courage by Mel Robbins.

    This book is built on the premise that it takes only 5 seconds to change your life. Most times we spend a lot of time in our head and we think about the things that we want to do and accomplish but rarely ever get to act on these things. We give ourselves excuses and we procrastinate just so we don’t get to act. Mel’s 5 second rule is a tool that will give you the courage to get out of your head and act on your dreams. Using it is like taking one step closer to being the person you are truly meant to be. It changes you from the kind of person who just thinks about your ideas to someone who has the confidence to share, act on and pursue them.

    Mel discovered this rule at a time in her life where she was facing problems with money, work and her marriage. In fact she was so overwhelmed by her problems that she could barely get out of bed. After many mornings of having to hit the snooze button several times before waking up, she knew she had to stop making excuses. That’s the thing right there, she knew what she needed to do to change her life but she didn’t know how to do it. She developed a drinking problem and blamed her husband for their financial problems. One night, she was watching the television and saw a rocket launching. In the same instant her instincts told her to launch herself out of bed and the next day when the alarm went off she counted backwards 5….4…3…2…1 and then she was up.

    The 5 minute rule states that the moment you have an instinct to act on a goal you must count 5…4…3…2…1 and physically move or your brain will stop you. Mel made this promise to herself, am making it and I hope that you do too, ‘If I know that I should do something that could change my life for the better, then I’ll use the rule to push myself to do it, regardless of how I feel’. Right before we are about to do something difficult and scary we hesitate. As Mel puts it, hesitation is the kiss of death. It is what is bringing you down and keeping you from doing what is necessary.

    The 5 seconds rule can be used in three ways. First of all, it can be used to change behavior and create new habits. So next time you find yourself being nasty to someone else count 5…4…3…2…1 and stop. Secondly it can be used to act with everyday courage. The rule quiets your self-doubt and will build self-confidence as you push yourself to pursue your passions. Next time I have ideas i feel like sharing in class or elsewhere i will not think about it further and count backwards from 5 and I’ll say what i wanted to say. I can only see how this rule is going to be beneficial. Lastly you can use it to control your mind to stop the chain of negative thoughts and endless worries that sabotage your mind.

    So there you have it folks the 5 seconds rule, a book by Mel Robbins, has given me the courage to act on my goals and I hope it helps you too. Share with me the books that you’ve read recently that you have found to be helpful in the comments section down below. Remember that if you have the courage to start, you have the courage to succeed.

    We are all gifted: What psychologists have to say about “talent”

    Have you ever come across someone who is incredibly good at what they do that they leave you astounded with their precision and skill? Naturally we are inclined to think that these people are born with something extra, perhaps higher levels of intelligence or bigger brains. The point being that we see them as the ‘Gifted’.

    We believe that a selected few are gifted with genetic endowments that give them the abilities that they possess. Is it really that some are gifted more than others? We’re they the lucky winners of some genetic lottery that seems to have passed some of us? Well, looking at people like Da Vinci, Einstein and Mozart one would think so.

    Well then, what is talent? Does anybody know how to measure it? Is talent something that we inherit or is it something that we develop?

    Many psychologists have ventured out to address these questions. One of them being Angela Duckworth of the University of Pennsylvania. She defines talent as the rate at which you get better with effort. For example the rate at which you get better at math is your math talent. This definition allows for differences while giving individuals a chance to get better with effort. It is evident that one’s rate of improvement at learning a particular skill will be different from that of others. The trick is to find that domain where one’s rate of improvement with effort is high.

    This brings us to what Scott Barry Kauffman a psychologist at New York University has to say on talent. He points out that while early bloomers exist we shouldn’t dismiss those who seem untalented. Life is not a zero sum game. Just because one person displays talent early doesn’t mean that others can’t Burst on the scene years later. Instead we should encourage everyone to make contact with as many domains as possible and find the domain that best matches his or her own personal characteristics. He then concludes by saying that we are all capable of extraordinary performance in some domain of expertise.

    On the other hand Anders Ericsson a cognitive Psychologist at Florida State University finds that those who engaged in persistent practice eventually become experts in their field. He goes on to say that the excellence of these few has nothing to do with genetics unless we are talking about physical characteristics like height. Discoveries  made by scientists have suggested that the only gift that these people possess is the ability to develop the skill. According to Ericsson the human brain and body are adaptable and these people take advantage of that.

    Take Wolfgand Amadeus Mozart for example, a child prodigy will the perfect pitch and could play the violin and other keyboard instruments with precision by the age of 7. He could identify a note even If the  instrument was being played in the other room and he could not see it. One would say that Mozart was gifted considering he was that perfect at such a young age.

    However, the Japanese psychologist, Ayako Sakakibara did an experiment where he recruited 24 children between the ages of two and six and put them through months long training designed to get them to identify various chords played by the piano simply by their sounds. By the end of the training each child had developed a perfect pitch despite the early belief that only a few could possess this gift. The clear implication of this is that the perfect pitch is far from being a gift bestowed upon only a lucky few, it is an ability that pretty much anyone can develop with the right exposure and training.

    Did Mozart Wolfgang have a gift of the perfect pitch? Yes and no. Was he born with some rare genetic endowments that allowed him to identify the precise note of the piano and any other instrument? No. Ericsson goes on to say that if Mozart had been raised in some other family without the right sort of exposure to music he would never have developed the ability at all. His brain, a child’s brain is so flexible and adaptable that it could with the right sort of training develop a capability that seems quite magical.

    Therefore it is no surprise that Ericsson points out that the ability to develop the perfect pitch as the gift and that every child in Sakakibara’s experiment had it. The brain, even the adult brain is far more adaptable than anyone would have imagined. These people who we think are talented have taken advantage of this fact. So no! They were not winners of a genetic lottery. There is no such thing as a pre-defined ability and as pointed out before, the brain is adaptable and training can create skills.

    This ground breaking discovery gets us to rethink the whole idea of “talent”. We are all gifted and with the right sort of training we can develop skills that are beyond human comprehension. When we see Michael Jordan play basketball so well, we forget all the practice that goes into getting that level of competence. Let us not underscore the part that effort plays to success. So what if I told you that you can master almost anything? Would you believe me now?

    Thomas Edison failed to invent the light bulb 1000 times! But he kept on trying until the 1001 time the was the charm. When you fail to do something 10 times you have found 10 ways in which that thing doesn’t work. The next thing you need to do is to find another way, another technique which might or might not work but the fact still remains that you never give up.

    This is to say that it is not going to be easy. You are going to see other people do better than you, score more goals, get better marks than you do and it’ll will seem like they have a head start over you. This has nothing to do with genetics but with the fact that they have perfected their skill by taking advantage of the gift that we all possess as human beings “the adaptability of the brain and body”. The fact that you really want this as bad as you need breathing is the only thing that is going to set you apart. You are embarking on a journey that will require discipline, focus, practice and ingenuity. Whatever it is that you want to  perfect you can and you will.

    In the end it all comes down to whether you are willing to get out of your comfort zone and prove people wrong. Soon they will be talking about how talented and gifted you are, forgetting the hours of practice it took to get where you are, but you won’t forget,  because it was that constant need for improvement that made you better.

    Don’t forget to comment down below and wishing you a lovely week ahead.