Get back your confidence

When I was a kid I was incredibly shy. I was self conscious. I could be thinking to myself; am I dressed right, am I saying the right things, do people like me?

They say that in your younger years you tend to be outgoing,without a care in the world. You play, you laugh and you let it all out. I’d like to think I was that in my earlier years. But from age five going forward I was really low on the self esteem scale. I remember being made fun off for no particular reason. The boys who bullied me chasing me around. I would run and cry whenever I saw them. I remember vividly one day I was waiting outside a classroom at our school on a weekend for my friends who were being tutored. I saw the boy’s from a far and I started running, they chased me laughing calling me names. With tears in my eyes I run past my house and went to my friends place . When I got there I found her father first and he was a big man (tall and huge), in my eyes, a giant.

“why are you crying?” he asked
“those mean boys were chasing me calling me names ” I cried
and you Know what he said to me?
He said that i should have stood up to them and instead of running and crying. He continued to say that I did nothing wrong and there was no reason for them to be making fun of me.

Now mind you , there was nothing wrong with me, I didn’t wear weird clothes nor did I have any physical imperfection that made me a target. The only thing is that I was shy, I preferred to run and hide than face those boys. They knew this, they could smell the fear from a far and that is why I became a target. Looking back I could think of a lot of things that I could have done to put an end to this. But I didn’t and I let them walk all over me. I was only a child.

I have gone so far since then, I am now a Blogger who shares her ideas with a lot of people. I make presentations in class that make people marvel at my confidence, I stand up to myself and more importantly I don’t let people walk all over me.

Self confidence is something that begins with how you feel about yourself. When you look at yourself do you think you deserve love ? Do you feel good about yourself?  What you feel about yourself radiates in the way you move , talk and do things. Self confidence begins with how you feel or think about yourself. If you think that you are confident that radiates to the people around you.

This is how you get confidence, you’ve got to want it for yourself. You’ve got to live with the intent of being confident. Think about how it feels to be confident, the way you present yourself when you are confident. Then act like you are confident. Forget about how anxious you are feeling inside, do it anyways. Feel the fear and do it anyways. Do more and think later.

Confidence is doing the things that you like even when you feel discouraged. Following the dream that everyone thinks is ridiculous. Standing your ground defending your beliefs and the things you think are right.

Think of how things would be better if you were just confident in your abilities. You could do just about anything !
It takes confidence to live your best life.
Change your mindset and get back your confidence . Trust me you have it somewhere in there you just need to unlock it and unleash it to the world.

Another thing I’d like to address is confidence that is based on achievement. You know that excitement that you get for accomplishing something. It feels like you can do just about anything at that moment. Time passes and you face some hurdles on the way and your sense of confidence drops (literally deflates). It’s like a rollercoaster with ups and downs. One day you’re high the next you’re low. This kind of confidence is fleeting it doesn’t last.

Confidence that begins in belief in your potential, feeling good about yourself despite your flaws and generally dwelling on your positives and not negatives is limitless. When you are in a sticky situation you operate with the belief that you can get yourself out of it. You have the power within you and your accomplishments shouldn’t define how you feel about yourself and how you carry yourself. You should choose to define you. Choose to be confident despite the situation you are in despite your accomplishments or lack thereof. Am not saying you shouldn’t celebrate them, by all means please do. Just make sure that that’s not where all your confidence comes from because when you fail , down the drain your confidence goes.

I know y’all love getting comprehensive tips, so my next article will dive right into all the tips I could think of or find out there that helps to build self confidence.  So it’s au revoir for now, until next time, get back your confidence!

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