Be Fearless!

The dictionary defines this word as;
Oblivious of dangers or peril  or calmly resolute in facing them.

Fear is something that drives a lot of people to act as well as keeping them from doing things they would’ve done if there weren’t afraid. As human beings we have a lot of fears. It is our way of survivor, if we think that something might hurt us we fear it. In medieval times it kept the Stone age people safe (remember the Croods?). They feared the beasts that lived in their times and by staying away from them they survived.

The basic instincts of fear still exist in our minds. When I see a snake my first instinct is to run, get as far away from it as I can. As humans developed their ranges of fear evolved from just physical harm to emotional and even social harm.

Human beings are emotional beings, for we have thoughts and feelings. We feel joy and then we feel sadness. Naturally we want to be happy and I Know this to be true for everyone. If it was possible we would stay clear of anything that brings forth the feeling of sadness in our lives. So we distance ourselves  from things that stimulate sadness in our lives.

Human beings are also social beings meaning that they thrive in groups. They seek to be associated with members of their society. They want to be accepted so they comply to societal code of conduct. Anything that may lead servered  connections with society is scary, being alone is scary.

We have fear because we know there are dangers or perils in taking a particular action.   Now danger is relative, you’d have to analyze the situation in your mind to see if it poses a potential threat or not. That’s why sometimes they say “it’s all in your mind.” Practically the dangerous situation hasn’t presented itself yet but it is because we think that if we do something it may cause it to happen to us. A very practical example would be “If I flunk out of uni my parents will disown me. Another would be if I keep nagging him he’ll break up with me. These things haven’t happened yet but still you fear them.

Being fearless means that you know that there is potential danger but you still act because it is who you are, it’s what makes you happy and it is good for you. To be fearless is to have known fear but still do it anyway. To be fearless is to be steadfast in facing your  fears. To be fearless is to look for solutions to your problems instead  of dwelling on how bad it is for you. To be fearless is to stand out and live your life by your own rules despite enormous opposition.To be fearless is to take the leap and jump and hope that you don’t break a leg and if you do, oh well, it was worth it.

Now I Know you’re asking, can I be fearless?  In the face of enormous pain we doubt our ability  to be calm and resolute in facing them.   This is why I came up with a few tips to help you to be fearless.

The first key to being fearless is to embrace your fears. Know that you are going to be afraid. There are some things that will scare the hell out of you but just make sure that that fear does not paralyze you. Do not let fear keep you from doing whatever it is that you love.

The second key to being fearless is to accept that anything can happen. You could break a leg today, lose a loved one tommorow and have your money stolen the next. Bad things happen to good people and none of it is your fault. Living with the realization that anything could happen will keep you strong in the face of a difficult situation. Remember that no situation is permanent, you can still walk your way out of it.

Being willing to deal with problems when they do present themselves is another key to being fearless. Tell yourself that if this happens I’ll deal with It with the same efficiency that I deal with any other problem. “God does not give you more than you can handle.”  You have so much power within you and it shall present itself in the face of trouble to help you survive whichever trauma you are into.

Realize that your greatest enemy is your mind. Your mind can either be your ally but so can it be your enemy. It is so easy for you to wallow in negativity and only think about the worst possible outcome. You can build worst case scenarios in your head that by the way are probably not going to happen. Your mind will amplify your fears if you let it. Whenever the negativity starts to creep into your thoughts tell it to “quiet down” and that “you are in control”.  You can very well cripple yourself without anyone’s help, it all starts in your head.

Finally, speak fearlessness into existence through positive affirmations. Now it’s not going to instantly come true for you, but the more you say it , the more you believe it, the more you attract it and it manifests in your life.

I am fearless

Say this to yourself.
I am fearless

I have the courage to take my own path

Everytime I challenge my fears I feel strengthened and empowered

I act inspite of fear and the fear fades away

I release all fears and doubts

I do the things I fear and take control of my life

I face all of life’s challenges head on

I accept that fear is just a feeling which will subside as I move forward.

I see my fears for what they are – lifeless thoughts that I no longer give power to.(This is really powerful)

I have what it takes to conquer my fears

In the face of danger, uncertainty, risk  and peril , Be fearless!

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