10 habits of highly successful people

If you are reading this then you are on a journey towards success. You know that there are things you need to stop doing, things you should continue doing and yet still things you need to start doing in order to be successful. You don’t decide your future, you decide your habits and your habits decide your future. In other words our habits determine whether we will be successful or not.

They say that a journey of a 1000 miles begins with a single step. Our journey to success is a collection of steps that we take everyday. Success is not what you do for a day, it is a habit. Meaning that it is a sum total of the things that you do everyday.

People who succeed at the highest level are not lucky. They’re doing something differently than everyone else. That is why those who want to be successful know the importance of learning from those who have been at their level but came out victorious.

Look at the successful (“the 1%”), they have habits that distinguish them from everyone else that led them to success and are keeping them there. That is why I embarked on a journey to look at some of the habits of some very successful people so that we can all learn a thing or two.

To begin with successful people follow their passion. Another word for passion is love, successful people do what they love to do. This is one of the reasons why they are so good at it and would never give up despite anything. A lot of people end up doing things that they don’t love just for the sake of security. This is why they aren’t happy with the work they do. Successful people stand out because they love what they do.

The next habit of successful people is that they exercise. Doing exercises in the morning makes you feel in control of your day . To add on that it makes you physically fit. Exercise also helps to relieve stress. It doesn’t have to be a strenuous workout , it may just be something like yoga. Microsoft’s Bill Gates does Treadmill work outs to boost up his energy levels.

Successful people spare time for gratitude. Most times we are so fixated on things that we want to have to the extent that we forget the things that we already have. Gratitude changes the way we view the universe. By now everyone has something to be grateful for. The more we are grateful the more the universe puts more blessings In our way. Gratitude is also a way to remain positive. Whenever you are plagued by negative thoughts count your blessings. I find that that helps.
The reason I choose gratitude is because when you are grateful you cannot be angry, when you are grateful you cannot be fearful.
Tony Robbins

Furthermore successful people plan their days and set goals. When they wake up in the morning they set goals that they want to accomplish by the end of the day. This helps one to know when the day was productive depending on whether the goal was achieved or not. Aside from that successful people have a vision of what they want their future to look like. A vision,dream and goal  gives a person a sense of direction. Dreams drive us as human beings to strive for a better future which makes all the difference.

Zig Zigler said and I quote, “Motivation doesn’t last, that’s why you should get it everyday”. That is why another habit of successful people is self motivation. You cannot use yesterday’s motivation to carry you through today. That is why the 1% are always looking for ways to motivate themselves. You can do this by watching motivational videos on YouTube (my personal favorite) and by reading motivational books (my other personal favorite). The bottom line is find things that get your motivational juices flowing, it makes all the difference.

Successful people visualize! They hold mental pictures of things they want to have. Surprisingly this is a sure way of attracting anything you want. If you want a Ferrari for example, close your eyes and see yourself already in possession of that car. Feel the sit beneath you, the feel of the wheel and the speed with which the car moves. With this you shall find ways opening up to you until you’ve gotten what you wanted. The subconscious mind can materialize any thought held long enough. You see our brain cannot distinguish between something that is happening and that which we are intently thinking about. For example when you think about a traumatic incident that happened in the past the brain releases chemicals that produce feelings that are identical to how you felt when that thing happened. Your brain doesn’t know the difference so if you cried then you will also cry now. This is why it is dangerous to spend time thinking about your past and all the hurtful things that happened to you. You end up living in the same vicious cycle of being a victim. To be successful there fore you need to imagine yourself already in possession of that success.

On another note successful people are action oriented. They go out of their comfort zone and get the work done. They just don’t sit down and say “I want a Ferrari” and expect it to appear from thin air. Visualising should not underscore the power of hard work. You want a Ferrari work for it and save enough money to purchase one! This world needs more action oriented people.

Successful people have morning routines. The way you start your day sets the pace and tone for the rest of the day and successful people know this. Oprah wakes up at 7:10 and at 8:00am she brushes her teeth and takes her five dogs for a walk. When she gets back she makes her Expresso and reads a card pulled from her 365 gathered truths box. Meditation follows next after that. Mornings are the most important times of your days and creating a routine around them is rewarding.
Under having a morning routine successful people wake up early. It’s true what they say an early bird catches the worm. Personally I find early mornings to be peaceful. Waking up at 5 am and everybody else is in bed gives me that much needed me-time. On top of that it gives one more time to work on things that matter the most. Another benefit is that it helps you prepare for the day ahead.  
Adele Mc clay the COO of Facebook, wakes up at 4:30 in the morning. This gives her ample time to exercise, meditate and spend time with her family.

Life is 20% what happens to us and 80% how we respond to it. Most times when we fail we look for people to blame and guess what it doesn’t change the fact that we are in trouble.  This leads us to another habit of successful people which is that they take responsibility for their actions. This changes the way we see the world around us. This is because instead of pointing fingers at other people you look in the mirror and try to see what went wrong so that you can avert the same situation in future.

Finally successful people exercise self discipline. Self discipline entails that one  forgos  immediate pleasure for long-term success. Say for example I want to sleep but yet have a project I have to finish . Forgoing immediate pleasure that comes with sleeping for finishing my project is self discipline. I was watching a YouTube video on self discipline featuring Will Smith and he said and I quote, “self discipline is self love”. You should love yourself not to do anything that would jeopardize your successful future. Tell yourself that I love myself too much not to party a night before my exam. Tell yourself that I love myself too much not to waste my Money on things i don’t need instead of investing it. Discipline your mind and you have disciplined your self/actions.

On a final note, this list is inexhaustible and  there are a lot other habits of successful people, you only need look. I hope that you have learned a lot from this article and make sure you comment down below regarding these habits. Share other Habits that weren’t included in here and let’s just get the conversation going.

Remember; adopt winning habits and you’ll be  on the road to success.

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  1. The advantage of a bad memory is that one enjoys several times the same good things for the first time. I enjoy reading your blog posts❤️❤️


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